Ballet Boys

2014 Documentary

Billy Elliot meets First Position in Ballet Boys, a documentary that follows, over four years, the struggles, set-backs and accomplishments of three friends and hopeful future dance stars: Lukas, Syvert, and Torgeir.
The boys sacrifice a normal high school experience (including parties and dating) for the sake of ambition and a love of dance. Facing pressure from their parents, school teachers and ballet mentors, they prepare for potentially life-altering and career-making auditions at some of Europe’s most prestigious ballet schools. 
=> Original version with English subtitles. 

Des lois et des hommes

2017 Documentary

Sur l’île irlandaise d’Inishboffin, on est pêcheurs de père en fils. Alors, quand une nouvelle réglementation de l’Union Européenne prive John O’Brien de son mode de vie ancestral, il prend la tête d’une croisade pour faire valoir le simple droit des autochtones à vivre de leurs ressources traditionnelles. Fédérant ONG, pêcheurs de toute l’Europe et simples citoyens, John va braver pendant 8 ans les lobbies industriels et prouver, des côtes du Donegal aux couloirs de Bruxelles, qu’une autre Europe est possible. 

=> Sous-titres en français. 

Bitter Flowers

2017 Drama

Chinese-born Lina borrows money to move to Paris to save up money to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, leaving behind her husband and son in Dong Bei province. But once in Europe, nothing goes as planned, and she is forced into a line of work she never would have imagined. When her flighty sister-in-law shows up on her doorstep, Lina becomes inevitably tangled in her own web of lies. 

The Green Lie

2018 Documentary

“When you shop with a conscience, you don’t save the world, you save the corporations”. Environmentally friendly electric cars, sustainably produced food products, fair production processes: Hurray! If everything the corporations tell us is true, we can save the world through our purchasing decisions alone! A popular and dangerous lie. Are the industry’s “green products” nothing more than a sales strategy? In his new documentary film, Werner Boote (Plastic Planet, Everything Under Control) shows us, together with environmental expert Kathrin Hartmann, how we can protect ourselves. They easily banter, they agree to disagree and ult...

Saya Zamurai

2010 ComedyDrama

After deserting his lord, Kanjuro Nomi, a swordless samurai, is sentenced to death. Unless he can bring a smile back to a sad prince mourning the loss of his mother. With his daughter’s help, he has thirty days to complete his mission.

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