The new talents of Latin American Cinema

2015 Drama

The new talents of Latin American Cinema brings together 5 never-before-seen films that have won awards at festivals around the world.   The Empty Hours (Las Horas Muertas) by Aaron Fernandez (2014, 100 min, Mexico) On the Vera Cruz coast, 17-year-old Sebastian must single-handedly take over the management of his uncle’s small motel. He rents rooms by the hour to adulterous couples and casual lovers. Among them, Miranda, a beautiful young woman, regularly comes to meet a man who always keeps her waiting. During these empty hours, Sebastian and Miranda slowly get to know each other and a disturbing complicity is established bet...

Ants on a Shrimp

2017 Documentary

One of the world’s best restaurant, the Copenhagen based NOMA and its renowned chef-owner René Redzepi relocate the restaurant and its entire staff to Tokyo.

The Painting

2011 Animation

For mysterious reasons, a Painter has left a work incomplete – causing conflict between the Toupins (Allduns), who are entirely painted, the Pafinis (Halfies), who lack a few colors, and the Reufs (Sketchies), who are only sketches. Toupins occupy the chateau, Pafinis are out in the gardens, and Reufs are treated as outcasts and hunted by the Toupins. Three friends, one of each class, go on a quest to find the artist so he can finish the piece and hopefully unite the people.

Saya Zamurai

2010 ComedyDrama

After deserting his lord, Kanjuro Nomi, a swordless samurai, is sentenced to death. Unless he can bring a smile back to a sad prince mourning the loss of his mother. With his daughter’s help, he has thirty days to complete his mission.

Samui Song

2017 DramaThriller

Viyada, a Thai soap opera actress in her mid-30s, finds herself increasingly pressured by her husband Jerome, a rich foreigner entirely devoted to a charismatic cult leader called The Holy One. Viyada has no other choice than to take the most drastic measures in order to escape once and for all from their influence.

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