Illustrious & Unknown

2015 Documentary

At the dawn of World War II, a resistance group organizes an incredible exfiltration of masterpieces from the Louvre Museum to save it off the Nazis’ menace.
Available in English and French. 

Hubert Reeves – La Terre vue du coeur

2018 Documentary

Autour de Hubert Reeves et Frédéric Lenoir, des scientifiques, auteurs et artistes nous interpellent : la biodiversité est aujourd’hui menacée. Si certains humains sont à l’origine de la crise, d’autres, de plus en plus nombreux, s’y attaquent à bras le corps et créent des solutions.
Ensemble, dans ce film dédié aux générations futures, ils nous rappellent à quel point le vivant sous toutes ses formes est­ un fascinant et touchant mystère… qu’il ne tient qu’à nous de préserver !

Journey to the West

2014 Drama

Tsai Ming-liang returns with this latest entry in his Walker series, in which his monk acquires an unexpected acolyte in the form of Denis Lavant as he makes his way through the streets of a sun-dappled Marseille. 
=> Subtitles available in English and French. 
Also available in a DVD set, along with Stray Dogs. 

Red Rose

2014 Drama

Tehran. June 2009. The uproar of a city swinging with the “Green Wave” of protest to the rigged presidential election. An apartment as a shelter. A man and a woman who belong to two different generations. A mobile phone and a computer to communicate with the free world. A love story, that will change two lives.

The Greenaway Alphabet

2017 Documentary

An intimate portrait of painter and filmmaker Peter Greenaway, directed by his wife Saskia Boddeke. Together with his daughter, Greenaway formulates an alphabet that represents his personality and thoughts about art and life. A deeply personal portrait not only of the artist, but also of Greenaway the father in his battle against time.

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