Ville Neuve

2018 AnimationDrama

Determined to stop drinking, Joseph moves into a friend’s house and convinces his ex-wife Emma to join him. In the troubled times of Quebec independence referendum, this is the account of their stormy reunion.

Paroles de bandits

2019 Documentary

Depuis la fermeture de la frontière entre la France et l’Italie en 2015, la vallée de la Roya est devenue le symbole de l’insoumission. Les migrants bloqués à Vintimille continuent de passer en déjouant barrages et contrôles, aidés par certains habitants de la vallée. Dans cette enclave où des migrants espèrent atteindre un avenir meilleur, la solidarité des habitants est devenue un acte de résistance. 

Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl

2018 DocumentaryMusique

Kate Nash reaches the stratosphere of pop music at 18. Ten years later she is nearly homeless: dropped by her music label and defrauded by her manager, Kate rises from the darkness through her music, fighting back.
Punk renegade, TV wrestling queen, and DIY leader of an all-girl band, Kate’s journey is an inspiring call to the creative heart in all of us: be fearless. 
=> Original English version (no subtitles)

The Lebanese Rocket Society

2013 Documentary

From 1960 to 1966, a space project was undertaken in Lebanon. Several rockets, which became larger and more powerful with time, were launched from the hills surrounding Beirut by a group of scientists, university students and army experts. This group, led by Manoug Manougian, was called: The Lebanese Rocket Society. 
=> OV (French, Arabic, English) with English subtitles.

Saya Zamurai

2010 ComedyDrama

After deserting his lord, Kanjuro Nomi, a swordless samurai, is sentenced to death. Unless he can bring a smile back to a sad prince mourning the loss of his mother. With his daughter’s help, he has thirty days to complete his mission.

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