My Friend Fela

2018 DocumentaryMusic

My Friend Fela provides a new perspective on the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, to counter the « eccentric African pop idol of the ghetto” vision people have, according to director Joel Zito Araújo. Fela’s complex existence is told through the eyes and conversations with close friend and official biographer, African-Cuban Carlos Moore. As the documentary unfolds, it reveals the many influences and forces that shaped Fela’s extraordinary life: from the relationship with his mother to his many and problematic relationships with women, from his ties with his spiritual advisor Professor Hindu to his mutually influential encounters with...

Mama Africa

2011 DocumentaryMusic

The life and career of Miriam Makeba, South African singer and crusader against apartheid. A fitting tribute to a rare talent who dedicated her life to the liberation of oppressed people all over the world. With interviews and archive footage of Harry Belafonte, Nelson Mandela, Angelique Kidko, etc…

The Men’s Room

2018 DocumentaryMusic

25 Norwegian men in a men’s choir are rehearsing for their biggest gig ever: Warming up for Black Sabbath. But at the same time their conductor is dying from cancer. 
=> Original version with English subtitles. 


2013 Box setsDocumentaryMusic

After decades of sold out shows and international recognition, musician Gilberto Gil embarks on a new kind of world tour through the southern hemisphere. From Bahia, he travels to the land of the Aborigines of Australia and the townships of South Africa, ending in the Brazilian Amazon region. With the same passion, Gil continues the work he began as Brazil’s first black Minister of Culture promoting the power of cultural diversity in a globalized world and sharing his vision for our future a diverse, interconnected planet filled with hope, exchange and of course music!  => Original version with subtitles in English and French.&n...


2012 DocumentaryMusic

The documentary « Tropicália » tells the story of the cultural movement with the same name that roused in the late 60’s in Brazil. The « Tropicalistas » confronted the cultural and political establishment with pop songs, mixing traditional Brazilian folk and the north-hemisphere’s rock. Their controversial thoughts, music and behaviour resulted into prison and exile (in swinging London!) for its leaders. Through a rich research of archival material, inedited footage and the testimony of protagonists such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Arnaldo and Sérgio Dias (from the band Os Mutantes), « Tropicália » shows their artis...

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