Urban Boutiq - Men & Chicken
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Men & Chicken

2015 Comedy 01h44

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Gabriel and Elias are two very different brothers. Gabriel is a worn down university professor and Elias is a man whose only concern is women and trivial knowledge. During a lecture Gabriel receives a phone call. Their father is dead. Things take a turn when the brothers learn through a videotape recorded by their now late father, that he in fact wasn’t their biological father. Gabriel and Elias discover that their biological father lives on the island Ork. They set out to the island and here they meet their real family. The brothers’ first meeting with the family doesn’t go as expected. Gabriel and Elias are stranded in the marshland of Ork. Here they meet the mayor of Ork and his daughter Ellen, a neurotic woman who hates her life, herself, her father and the island. Surrounded by abnormal people, Gabriel and Elias discover the truth about themselves and their relatives. A truth that while paralyzing them also sets them free.

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen

Casting: Mads Mikkelsen, David Dencik, Nicolas Bro

Language: Danish

Subtitles: French

Release date: 25/05/2016

Bonus on the DVD: The 4 teasers of the film and the trailer of Men & Chicken

2015: Austin Fantastic Fest 2015 - Best DIrector Award

2015: Best Fantastic Movie Award

« As a fan of "Breaking Bad", the Danish filmmaker was inspired by the black humour of the show to direct a squeaky comedy. » - CNews

« A journey to the heart of primitive savagery, in a film that is both buffoonish and cruel, a huge corrosive farce about human nature. » - Le Dauphiné Libéré

« At the same time very funny and sometimes frightening, "Men and Chicken" is about family ties, education and genetic manipulation. You'll never look at chickens the way you used to. » - Le Parisien

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