Chris The Swiss

2018 AnimationDocumentary

Croatia, January 1992. In the midst of the Yugoslav Wars, Chris, a young Swiss journalist is found dead in mysterious circumstances. He was wearing the uniform of an international mercenary group. Anja Kofmel was his cousin. As a little girl, she used to admire this handsome young man; now a grown-up woman, she decides to investigate his story, trying to understand what really was the involvement of Chris in the conflict…

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

2018 Documentary

Fleeing to America after escaping her Nazi sympathiser husband, Hedy Lamarr then conquered Hollywood. Executive produced by Susan Sarandon, this is the ultimate portrait of Hollywood wild-child, Hedy Lamarr. Known as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’, she was infamous for her marriages and affairs with everyone from Spencer Tracy to JFK. This film rediscovers her, not only as an actress, but as the brilliant mind who coinvented 1940’s wireless technology.


2020 Documentary

Ici, à bas bruit, se dessine un avenir…

Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis. Dans une société où tout est marchand, où le temps est compté, il existe un lieu de gratuité et de rencontre où l’on combat les inégalités et la violence sociale, la bibliothèque de mon quartier. Sans bruit, joyeusement, il se fabrique ici quelque chose d’important, d’invisible au regard pressé ou comptable : l’élaboration d’un nouveau contrat social.

Ghost Hunting

2017 Documentary

In order to confront the ghosts that haunt him, Palestinian director Raed Andoni assembles an eclectic group of ex-prisoners to build a replicate of Al-Moskobiya, Israel’s main interrogation centre, where he was himself jailed at age 18. From fragmentary memory, day after day, they give shape to the interrogation centre they all experienced, and re-enact its stories.

Ants on a Shrimp

2017 Documentary

One of the world’s best restaurant, the Copenhagen based NOMA and its renowned chef-owner René Redzepi relocate the restaurant and its entire staff to Tokyo.

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