Ghost Hunting

2017 Documentary

In order to confront the ghosts that haunt him, Palestinian director Raed Andoni assembles an eclectic group of ex-prisoners to build a replicate of Al-Moskobiya, Israel’s main interrogation centre, where he was himself jailed at age 18. From fragmentary memory, day after day, they give shape to the interrogation centre they all experienced, and re-enact its stories.


2020 Documentary

Ici, à bas bruit, se dessine un avenir…

Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis. Dans une société où tout est marchand, où le temps est compté, il existe un lieu de gratuité et de rencontre où l’on combat les inégalités et la violence sociale, la bibliothèque de mon quartier. Sans bruit, joyeusement, il se fabrique ici quelque chose d’important, d’invisible au regard pressé ou comptable : l’élaboration d’un nouveau contrat social.

The Waldheim Waltz

2018 Documentary

A biographical drama film about Kurt Josef Waldheim, former UN Secretary General and the controversy of his participation and role in the Nazi regime during WW II. 
Created from international archive material and what Beckermann shot at the time, the film analyses the collapse of the Austrian grand illusion: having been the first victim of the Nazis. 
Original german version, English subtitles (French subtitles available too)

My Friend Fela

2018 DocumentaryMusic

My Friend Fela provides a new perspective on the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, to counter the « eccentric African pop idol of the ghetto” vision people have, according to director Joel Zito Araújo. Fela’s complex existence is told through the eyes and conversations with close friend and official biographer, African-Cuban Carlos Moore. As the documentary unfolds, it reveals the many influences and forces that shaped Fela’s extraordinary life: from the relationship with his mother to his many and problematic relationships with women, from his ties with his spiritual advisor Professor Hindu to his mutually influential encounters with...

Chantal Thomas, The Feminine

2017 Documentary

Known as the “Pope of chic lingerie”, Chantal Thomass is a muse, the incarnation of the contemporary woman all around the world.
With a 45 years career, from the bottom to the top, she represents the revolution of lingerie in the world, form the 1970’s until now.
An exclusive portrait of an exclusive women, Chantal Thomass invites us to discover her story for the first time, the story of a woman that took the handy accessory lingerie was and turned it to an essential piece of fashion.

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