The Greenaway Alphabet

2017 Documentary

An intimate portrait of painter and filmmaker Peter Greenaway, directed by his wife Saskia Boddeke. Together with his daughter, Greenaway formulates an alphabet that represents his personality and thoughts about art and life. A deeply personal portrait not only of the artist, but also of Greenaway the father in his battle against time.

The Quest for Tonewood

2020 DocumentaryMusique

A luthier is obsessed with the idea of crafting a violin, the sound of which is so exceptional that it will thrill the musician who plays it and caress the souls of those who hear it. This will require a special type of wood, cut from a hallowed tree that is only found in a Balkan forest. A musical quest that is as thrilling as a high-stakes treasure hunt.

Carl Th. Dreyer – Reborn

2020 Documentary

Visually rich and densely layered, Carl Th. Dreyer— Reborn illuminates an artist too little understood and too important to overlook. Torben Skjødt Jensen’s elegant documentary is a collage of memories and reflections on one of cinema’s greatest directors. Originally shot and released in 1995, the documentary is now restored with bonus materials. 

=> DVD: Danish original version with French subtitles. 
=> VOD: Danish original version with English subtitles. 


2019 Documentary

Ici et là, hors des radars de la représentation majoritaire, des gens, parfois seuls, parfois associés, cultivent des modes de vie, de production, de pensée, de croyance, de soin, en rupture au moins relative avec les manières certifiées conformes. Autonomes se tient dans la compagnie de quelques-uns de ceux-là, en Mayenne et alentours.

Wine Calling

2018 Documentary

While there are more than 3,000 wine growers in France, less than 3 percent of them are working in bio, biodynamic or natural methods of wine production.

Wine Calling showcases some of the most exciting new French wine makers, leaders of a rising global movement calling for superior taste and sustainability.

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