Big Man Japan

2007 ActionComedy

Daisato is a middle aged man who leads an indifferent ordinary life, he is destined for what has been handed down through generations. His responsibility is to contribute to the peacekeeping, but the general public, which is accustomed to maintaining it, disregarded for the responsibility, what is worse, it becomes disagreeable. The story describes emotion in daily life with the relationship among people around, such as in hard work, relationship with the divorced wife and daughter, nursing care for his grandfather suffering from dementia, etc. => VOD language settings: original version, subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portugue...

La Civil

2021 ActionDramaThriller

Cielo’s teenage daughter, Laura, is kidnapped in Northern Mexico. Despite paying several ransoms, Laura is not returned. When the authorities offer no support in the search, Cielo takes matters into her own hands. She finds help from Lamarque, a military man with unconventional modus operandi, who agrees to assist her in her search – off the record – in exchange for information which she can provide as a local. Cielo’s collaboration with Lamarque will pull her into the spiral of violence that made her a victim in the first place.


=> Original version with optional French or Spanish subtitles

O Fim Do Mundo

2019 Action

Après huit ans passés en maison de correction, Spira revient à Reboleira, un bidonville en cours de destruction dans la banlieue de Lisbonne. Tandis qu’il retrouve ses amis et sa famille, Kikas un vieux trafiquant du quartier lui fait comprendre qu’il n’est pas le bienvenu.

The Mercy of the Jungle

2018 ActionDrama

At the outbreak of the Second Congo War, Sergeant Xavier and young private Faustin, are accidentally left behind in the jungle. With only each other to count on, they embark on an odyssey across the most violent forest on earth, facing the depths of their own war-torn souls.

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