3 films de Alexandre Rockwell

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Coffret contenant 3 films du réalisateur Alexandre Rockwell. 3 perles du cinéma indépendant américain en noir et blanc. Sweet Thing (2020, 1h31) : New Bedford, Massachusetts. Billie, jeune adolescente, et son petit frère Nico luttent pour trouver leur place dans une famille dysfonctionnelle. Partagés entre un père alcoolique mais aimant et une mère trop souvent absente, leur vie oscille entre malaises et incompréhensions. Lors d’un été mouvementé, ils rencontrent Malik, jeune garçon en quête d’ailleurs, et décident de fuguer avec lui.  In The Soup (1992, 1h33) : Un auteur au chômage vend son scénario ...

Any Day Now

2019 Drama

A story of an Iranian refugee family in Finland waiting for the decision of whether or not they’ll be granted an official asylum status. The story is loosely based on the childhood experiences of the director.


Bitter Flowers

2017 Drama

Chinese-born Lina borrows money to move to Paris to save up money to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, leaving behind her husband and son in Dong Bei province. But once in Europe, nothing goes as planned, and she is forced into a line of work she never would have imagined. When her flighty sister-in-law shows up on her doorstep, Lina becomes inevitably tangled in her own web of lies. 


A White, White Day

2019 DramaThriller

An off duty police begins to suspect a local man for having had an affair with his recently dead wife. Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth accumulates and inevitably begins to endanger himself and his loved ones.


La Civil

2021 ActionDramaThriller

Cielo’s teenage daughter, Laura, is kidnapped in Northern Mexico. Despite paying several ransoms, Laura is not returned. When the authorities offer no support in the search, Cielo takes matters into her own hands. She finds help from Lamarque, a military man with unconventional modus operandi, who agrees to assist her in her search – off the record – in exchange for information which she can provide as a local. Cielo’s collaboration with Lamarque will pull her into the spiral of violence that made her a victim in the first place.


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