The languages available for each DVD are specified on each page of the DVDs, in the section “Information”, “Languages”. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Depends on the content of your cart and your location.
– 2,99€ for mainland France (6€ for a 3 DVDs set)
– 6,99€ for Europe
– 10,99€ for the rest of the world. 
That said, if you order 3 DVDs, the delivery fees are on us. Yes, it becomes free!

It takes up to 5 business days in mainland France and 8 business days for Europe (and rest of the world). 
If you’re still waiting after that average delay, please get in touch. Please be nice, we really do our best. 

If the product does not suit you, you can return your order to us as soon as it is received within 14 days. However, no already used DVD – except defective products – will be accepted.
To obtain a refund, the DVDs must be returned in their original packaging.
The return of your order will be performed via the carrier of your choice. The return costs are at the expense of the sender.
If you live outside of France, customs fees may apply and will be charged to the sender.

Of course. The information transmitted during the payment transits securely and encrypted directly to the Stripe bank server. The collection and storage of your credit card information is carried out by Stripe with your consent.
Under no circumstances does Urban Boutiq store have access to your bank details.


Once you’ve picked your movie on Vimeo, you can make two kinds of purchases:

When you rent a VOD, you will be able to stream all the videos attached or added to it anytime during the specified rental period, including bonus content. If you select the option “Rent All,” you get access to all of the current videos as well as any that are added to the Vimeo on Demand page during the specified rental period.

When you buy a VOD, you will be able to stream its videos for as long as they remain on Vimeo. If you select the option “Buy All,” you get access to any videos added to the VOD page for as long as it remains online, including bonus features.

In order to be made available on the internet, some videos require certain territorial restrictions. When this requirement exists on a video you’re trying to watch, you will see a message reading:

“Sorry, video is not currently available in your country”

If you’re seeing this message, it may be because you’re accessing the internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or a proxy. These methods can hide your location and will prevent playback from a protected video. If disabling these methods does not resolve the issue, then it’s likely that you’re trying to access the content from a region that is currently being blocked.

On Vimeo, the payment pages are completely secure.
Vimeo uses SSL encryption which protects all data related to the payment, in order to guarantee optimal security.
The security of all transactions by SSL is based on an exchange of keys between your computer and the Vimeo server. This exchange takes place as soon as you access the payment pages.

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