Urban Boutiq - The new talents of Latin American Cinema
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The new talents of Latin American Cinema

2015 Box setsDrama 07h14

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The new talents of Latin American Cinema brings together 5 never-before-seen films that have won awards at festivals around the world.


The Empty Hours (Las Horas Muertas) by Aaron Fernandez (2014, 100 min, Mexico)
On the Vera Cruz coast, 17-year-old Sebastian must single-handedly take over the management of his uncle’s small motel. He rents rooms by the hour to adulterous couples and casual lovers. Among them, Miranda, a beautiful young woman, regularly comes to meet a man who always keeps her waiting. During these empty hours, Sebastian and Miranda slowly get to know each other and a disturbing complicity is established between them.


Natural Sciences (Ciencias Naturales) by Matias Lucchesi (2014, 71 min, Argentina)
12-year-old Lila has grown up without knowing her father; her one obsession is to meet him. She lives in a boarding school on the slopes of an Argentinean mountain. After several escape attempts, and contrary to the advice of her mother and of the school’s headmistress, her teacher decides to help Lila and sets out with her in search of this absent man. Their only clue is a small copper plate engraved with the name of the electrical firm for which he once worked.


Once Upon a Time Was I, Veronica (Era Uma Vez, Veronica) by Marcelo Gomez (2014, 92 min, Brazil)
This introspective, sensual character study follows a young doctor poised between innocence and adulthood. Verônica lives for two things: carnal pleasures and the love of her ailing father. 


El Mudo by Daniel & Diego Vega (2013, 86 min, Peru)
Someone is out to get Constantino Zegarra. At least that’s what Constantino Zegarra believes – and he has his reasons. His car window is smashed, he receives a career-killing demotion, and then, while driving at night, he’s hit in the neck by what appears to have been a stray bullet. Or was it? Constantino is a judge with no sympathy for sob stories and an impressive conviction rate.


Por Las Plumas by Neto Villalobos (2013, 85 min, Costa Rica)
A lonely security guard finds more than he expected when he buys a rooster in order to get into the cockfighting game.

Directors: Aaron Fernandez, Matias Lucchesi, Marcelo Gomez, Daniel & Diego Vega, Neto Villalobos

Casting: Kristyan Ferrer, Adriana Paz, Eliseo Lara Martínez, Allan Cascante, Sylvia Sossa, Marvin Acosta

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese

Subtitles: French (DVD)

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