Urban Boutiq - Menina
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2017 Drama 01h37

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The story revolves around Luisa Palmeira, born in France from Portuguese immigrants. In 1979, Luisa is eight years old. Almost a grown-up in the eyes of her illiterate mother, she remains just a little girl to her hard-drinking father. One day, he trusts her with a heavy secret: he suffers from a serious illness. But she refuses to believe him and thinks instead that he is hiding something else from her… 
=> Portuguese original version, with optional English and French subtitles. 

Director: Cristina Pinheiro

Casting: Naomi Biton, Nuno Lopes, Beatriz Batarda

Languages: French, Portuguese

Subtitles: French

Release date: 20/12/2017

Bonus on the DVD: The cut scenes from the film, the backstage of the shooting and the trailer.

Rome 2017 - Alice Nella Città Competition, Sao Paulo 2017 - New Filmmakers Competition, Kerala IFF 2017 - World Cinema Section, Göteborg IFF 2018 Competition - Best First Film Award

« The poetic and profound chronicle of a childhood between two cultures » - Télérama

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