Hitoshi Matsumoto DVD Set – 3 movies

2012 ComedyBox sets

Hitoshi Matsumoto is one of Japan’s most popular comedians (turned director) and TV host. All of his films are surreal, creative and unique, somehow relating to Salvador Dali or Andy Warhol.  This box set includes 3 of his movies, along with manu bonuses:  – Scabbard Zamuraï (2012): Kanjuro Nomi is an aging samurai who only has a scabbard. With a past that made him throw away his sword and refuse to fight, he now journeys to nowhere with Tae, his only daughter. Kanjuro becomes a wanted man for deserting his lord and is sentenced to ”The Thirty-Day Feat”: a formidable task to restore a smile to the sad prince who has...


2009 Drama

Filmed entirely in Rwanda with local actors, Munyurangabo is the first narrative feature film in the Kinyarwanda language. After stealing a machete from a market in Kigali, Munyurangabo and his friend Sangwa leave the city to return to their village. The former seeks justice for his parents, who were killed in the Rwandan genocide, while the latter just wants to go home. Although the boys had planned to stay only a few hours, they end up spending several days.  From opposing ethnicities, they are tested when old-timers warn, “Hutus and Tutsis should not be friends.” This intense and inspiring portrait of youth in Rwanda premi...


2019 Documentary

Ici et là, hors des radars de la représentation majoritaire, des gens, parfois seuls, parfois associés, cultivent des modes de vie, de production, de pensée, de croyance, de soin, en rupture au moins relative avec les manières certifiées conformes. Autonomes se tient dans la compagnie de quelques-uns de ceux-là, en Mayenne et alentours.

Ramen Shop

2018 Drama

A young man who is curious about his deceased parents’ past takes a food journey to Singapore where he uncovers more than just delicious meals. A touching film about past, family, reconciliation and of course, food. 
=> Original version with French subtitles

Tsai Ming Liang box set

DramaBox sets

This DVD box set includes 2 Tsai Ming-Liang movies.

In Journey to The West, we follow a monk on his way through the streets of a sun-dappled Marseille.

In Stray Dogs, An alcoholic man and his two young children barely survive in Taipei. They cross path with a lonely grocery clerk who might help them make a better life.

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